" i only did what i thought was right. i have no regrets. even in this rotten world, i still want to walk down a path i can believe in! "

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this page is dedicated to my beloved bruno bucciarati. he is from jojo's bizarre adventure: golden wind (part 5). he is 20 years old in canon, born september 27, 1980. this would make him 43 years old today!

( spoilers & mentally ill ramblings ahead )

its hard to put in writing why bruno is so important to me. he has been a part of my personality since i was 16, and part 5 had first aired (2018). i had watched it with my then boyfriend that was not a very good person to me, and i think that had something to do with me clinging onto a character like bruno.

despite his involvement in the mafia, one of the main defining characteristics of bruno is his selflessness. he is constantly aiding everyone around him, so much so that even elderly women trust him completely. to have an entire community relying on you is nothing short of stressful, but bruno took on all of this responsibility so the citizens in his community could live without worry.

it is hard not to see the trauma that bruno endured as a child reflecting on how he lives his life as an adult. with his mother placing the "choice" of living with either her or his father in the divorce, he felt as though he had to protect his father's feelings and mental stability; bruno knew his father needed him, and his mother would survive without. at just twelve years old, the protection of his father's heart was bruno's responsibility, and then his life following the attack bruno protected him from.

bruno threw away his future of having a "normal" life before he reached thirteen, putting his life on the line and joining the mafia to protect his father. having felt the guilt of losing his father some years later to wounds from this very same organization, bruno felt a constant need to rectify and protect others before it was too late, like he couldn't for his own father. he went out of his way to save abbacchio, mista, narancia, and fugo -- and they were only in his direct team. he had saved countless others that he didn't want to involve in a dangerous organization out of not only selflessness, but guilt as well.

to me, the relationship that is most reflective of his character is that with trish.

there was never an inkling in bruno's mind that the boss would want to kill trish. he had wholeheartedly believed in the mission, and that he was protecting her. he knew how terrified trish must have been, but thought that the right thing was coming.

being betrayed by the boss and organization for another time, bruno felt guilt for bringing trish close to her death, despite not being at fault at all. there is a continuous cycle of bruno feeling guilt for things out of his control, and him feeling as though he needs to rectify all the pain.

he knows what this means for the other members of his team, his only family. he gives them the choice to betray the organization and the boss -- bruno doesn't want to be responsible for the pain of them anymore. and this is why he never blamed fugo for deciding to stay behind, and told narancia it would be better if he stayed behind as well.

bruno's new "purpose" in life was completely changed. despite having the plan with giorno to take over the boss, he never knew it would happen in such a way. even until the end, bruno sacrificed everything. his desire to protect pushed him to death and back again.

no other jojo's character deserved the heavenly acension that bruno receieved, he was truly without selfishness and acted only out of the goodness of his heart. my king of kings ♡

this is a collection of arts of me n bruno ♡ if there is no credit it is for a reason! (artist was blacklisted)

july 10 2022
i met ray chase.. (eng va of bruno). this was THE BEST day of my life ever!!!

i told him my name was bella and he proceeded to tell me how much the name fit me, and that i was adorable, and how bruno loves me entirely.. all in bruno's voice by the way. i died several times during this conversation. he gave me a huge hug and free picture (。•́︿•̀。)

and yes i did bring him art of bruno and i to sign!!! who do you think i am??

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" the fact we made it here … is a complete victory. this is good … everything will be fine … fate is a sleeping slave … we have to set it free … that is victory … "
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